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We love microgreens!

Green Harvest Salad Mix

I’ve tasted them in restaurants, seen them at the grocer and read about their great nutritional value but until now I’d never tried to specifically grow and harvest the mighty micro-green. At Green Harvest we all love trying out new things and I was recently asked by Jeff, our manager, to give the growing of microgreens a go. These are the results.

They’re a little young yet, certainly on the micro side, but look delicious. That’s the thing about microgreens – you get intense flavours, with high nutrition levels out of such small plants with a minimum of fuss. My type of gardening! I will probably let them grow a bit longer as you generally wait until they have four or more leaves before harvesting, but that depends if I can wait!

I used Green Harvest Salad Mix, radish and rocket seed – grown in coco fibre or potting mix.

Radish Microgreen

Some pots I kept inside and others out. Both worked well so it’s up to you what you choose but I always go for the certified organic potting mix – goes well with the organic seed. The seeds kept inside grew long and were searching for the sun, so if you choose to grow indoors, make sure it’s in a sunny spot. The seeds left outside have grown more slowly and dense. I used a water bottle, you can add some seaweed solution if you wish, and sprayed them all twice a day. This way you don’t have to worry too much about wet pots on your kitchen bench.

Verdict? I’m hooked. I’m going to grow my microgreens outside and use either potting mix or coco fibre. I would love to think I could put them in pretty pots and have a great display but they will probably grow in styrofoam boxes on the deck outside.

When harvested I think they will look great topped on a fillet steak with blue cheese dressing – accompanied with maybe a glass or two of a nice shiraz. Cheers!


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