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Welcome to Earthwise Gardening

Welcome to Earthwise Gardening, our new blog on organic gardening and sustainable living. The blog is brought to you by the team at organic gardening supply business Green Harvest.

The blog is about growing a community so you won’t get the hard sell from us here. Instead you’ll get practical advice, personal stories, and the occasional rave about the issues that affect our world. Follow our Organic Garden category for gardening advice, our Kitchen category for ideas on what to do with your garden’s bounty, or the Sustainability category for the bigger environmental picture.

We plan to post once or twice a week on everything from making lemon barley water to foraging for wild mushrooms. We hope to build a relationship with our readers so we’d love it if you’d leave us a comment – ask us a question, tell us what you want to read about, or share your own stories and tips.

We hope you enjoy Earthwise Gardening.


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